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0004624OXID eShop (all versions)2.6. Administer orderspublic2024-04-03 10:14
ReporterLinas Kukulskis Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Summary0004624: Order recalculation does not use discounts/taxes which were valid when order was made, but current ones
Descriptionin admin, on order recalculation must be used order article data and old discount rules (or other tax calculations), but not the real time prices. example order was made with discount and now this discount is over: on recalculations all article price will be without discount - its not correct

what can effect order:
1. new discounts
2. new shipping, payment rules
3. price storing mode in db
4. etc.

TagsOrder, Order Recalculation, Product domain and basket rewrite
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Database VersionNot defined


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2012-11-22 20:16

reporter   ~0007955


2012-12-14 08:21

reporter   ~0008127

I have the same problem and have no idear how to solve it?!


2013-01-07 09:23

reporter   ~0008224


(when generating PDF-invoice it always takes actual date)


2013-01-24 07:47

reporter   ~0008320


(recalculating VAT if delivery country changes or VAT-ID is provided afterwards)


2013-01-27 18:59

reporter   ~0008333


(save created pdf-invoice, do not recreate everytime)


2013-02-12 22:19

reporter   ~0008403


what is the current state of this issue? Almost 4 months are passed and still not solved?

Is there any product manager reading those comments? This is definitely not a major issue. I had again the situation that after adding manually an article to the order the prices were reset.

Currently I have the feeling that Oxid is really fragile and you should not do any other things with it...

What is the current test coverage? Are you creating regression tests before fixing bugs?

Sorry, but I am really frustrated...


2013-05-14 09:10

reporter   ~0008699

I got this bug too. And for example, Ticket 0004677 is still not closed in the latest 4.7 version.


2013-05-14 09:34

reporter   ~0008700

here is a hack (not yet fully workable, but everyone can add more functionality)


2013-09-16 11:13

reporter   ~0009086

you will find a recalc fix attached this bug note


2013-12-06 17:51

reporter   ~0009342

there is a new module available working as well with CE 4.8 which prevents recalculating


2013-12-06 22:03

reporter   ~0009344

imho it is better to actually prevent recalculation than to fix it. I wrote a module that fixates an order if an invoice exists, and allows changes to paydate and billnr without recalculation:


2014-01-21 07:48

reporter   ~0009433

main thread to collect all issues (and possible fixes) in forums:


2016-09-27 11:07

reporter   ~0011806

Recalculation is also wrong, when iMallPriceAddition is set. (Version EE 5.2)


2017-11-03 11:31

reporter   ~0012256

This issue is open for over 5 years now, is there any plan for working on this topic? (Maybe a complete rewrite of the whole calculation-logic...) This should be "blocker" instead of just "major".


2018-02-05 15:50

reporter   ~0012375

I'd also vote for fixing this issue sooner or later (but not too late please)


2018-07-17 14:16

reporter   ~0012538

Is there any chance that this very old bug will be fixed at any time?
If there is no interest to fix this bug @OXID please close this bug or at least leave a comment here.


2023-11-17 14:49

administrator   ~0015801

I emphasize that it is illegal to change an order. It is even illegal to cancel an order without a very good reason.
This should only be done in close consultation with the customer and from a legal point of view, the order should actually be canceled and replaced by a new, corrected order.