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0005350OXID eShop (all versions)2.6. Administer orderspublic2023-11-20 16:25
Reporterd3 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.7.6 / 5.0.6 
Fixed in Version7.0.0 
Summary0005350: Administer Orders -> Orders -> Main -> Save ignores discounts
DescriptionIf a customer, who is in a user group with discount, ordered something
and this order has been processed in the backend, the discounts will not be calculated.
Steps To Reproducerequirements:
- Customer is registered in a User Group (for example "VIP")
- this User Group is assigned to a discount (for example "5% Discount")
- this discount is assigned to various products / categories
  (for testing: assign all categories)

Customer orders items online
-> Items are correctly calculated (deduction of 5% per item)

Store backend:
Administer Orders -> Orders
Overview -> everything is still calculated correctly
Main -> Set Current Date -> Button: Save (click)
Back in Overview -> Prices do not include discounts

Once the button is pressed, the order will be recalculated, but the discounts will be ignored.
Additional InformationTested in the shop version 4.7.5 and 4.7.6
TagsDiscount, Order
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Database VersionNot defined


related to 0004624 acknowledged Order recalculation does not use discounts/taxes which were valid when order was made, but current ones 



2023-11-20 16:25

administrator   ~0015859

I was not able to reproduce this in OXID 7, so it seems to be fixed