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    PSeverityTarget VersionIDUpdated # StatusCategorySummary
  minor00062192015-08-27 acknowledged2.1. Master SettingsMissing documentation for not allowed signs in SMTP fields.
  tweak00061672015-08-272confirmed[module PayPal]
module PayPal - sub
PP Express Checkout
  minor00061482015-08-262confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
wsdl file does not comply with the standard
  minor00062182015-08-254acknowledged2.7. Customer infoUnregistered users are deleted
  tweakNew version00061032015-08-251confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
exported CSV files cannot be imported again because of different sequence of fields
  majorNew version00054292015-08-25 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
Version is always set to 2.2.0 with the oxerpcsv.php
  major00062122015-08-252confirmed4.08. CacheProblems with deleting unimportant cookies in varnish 4
  major00062162015-08-251acknowledged4.01. Database handlingViews are broken for language Id > 7
  majorPatch for 4.9 / 5.200057822015-08-243assigned4.06. Language and translationsDuplicated language keys in admin
  minorPatch for 4.9 / 5.200059942015-08-249resolved1.06. Search, TagsSearchstring with umlauts gives wrong result in utf8 mode
  majorPatch for 4.9 / 5.200049242015-08-243confirmed1.03. Basket, checkout processCan't change e-mail-adress when ordering wihout account
  text00062142015-08-213confirmed4.07. Source code, TestSourcecodedocumentation does not list createUser() as public function of oxcmp_user
  major00061082015-08-216resolved4.08. CacheDefault Cache Backend requires enabled blDontShowEmptyCategories
  minor00062172015-08-191confirmed4.09. SEO, SEO URLog:url wrong for CMS Pages
  tweakNext Major Version00060112015-08-182confirmed1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)Function 'getFileUrl' does not exist or is not accessible!
  minorNew version00061002015-08-181confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
oxarticles.OXSHOWCUSTOMAGREEMENT is missing in db-layer-version 13
  criticalNew version00056592015-08-18 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
OXERPSetArticle deletes multi language data in conjunction with enabled caching
  minorNew version00056482015-08-18 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
PHP notice message when oxERPBase::_checkAccess() is called
  trivialNew version00049262015-08-18 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
maybe old php style by using class constants
  feature00062152015-08-171acknowledged4.08. Cache"Test Reverse Proxy's availability" in admin backend does not check for the same as the actual caching mechanism
  feature2.14.000048032015-08-133resolved[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
ERP plugins shouldn't be encoded
  tweakNew version00060992015-08-131confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
Impossible to login for shops with id > 100 using CSV
  majorNew version00059502015-08-13 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
Calling undefined method (4.9.1 / 5.2.1)
  majorNew version00059272015-08-13 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
oxarticle and oxcategory Objects are deleteable without having the permission by Rights and Roles when using ERP / CSV.
  majorNew version00059262015-08-132confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
Rights and Roles doesn't work with ERP / CSV module...
  minorNew version00058672015-08-13 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
Wrong variable naming for $iShopId
  majorNew version00056972015-08-131confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
ERP call timeouts while reassigning articles to categories
  minorNew version00056272015-08-131confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
when sending session id value with bad characters, shop is throwing a PHP warning message
  minorNew version00055032015-08-131confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
Confusing names of two methods
  majorNew version00054952015-08-13 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
ERP should use CDATA for fields which can possible contain HTML
  minorNew version00051152015-08-13 confirmed[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
no error message if the DB-query fails?
  minor00062132015-08-072feedback1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)Wrong Voucher Calculation - session basket mixing
  critical4.6.700029962015-08-0623resolved5. ------ UpdateApp / Update ------UpdateApp fails on MySQL 5.5
  majorPatch for 4.9 / 5.200057812015-08-04 confirmed2. ----- eShop backend (admin) -----oxNew should be used (e.g. admin/sysreq_main.php and admin/navigation.php)
  minor00062112015-08-043confirmed2.7. Customer infoEE: Promotions are not autonomous in subshops
  minor00062102015-07-31 confirmed1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)NET is calculated wrong if category-coupon and Discounts are used
  major00062052015-07-302confirmed1. ----- eShop frontend -----PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getLink() on a non-object
  minor00062092015-07-301confirmed4.12. Subshop handlingCan't use oxfield2shop for OXSTOCK
  text00062082015-07-301confirmed1. ----- eShop frontend -----Wrong LangIdent in invite-mail
  feature00062062015-07-291confirmed2.2. Shop settingsAdd discount type 'itm' to vouchers
  minor00062042015-07-291confirmed1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)Vat calculation is wrong when article is assigned to coupon serie
  majorPatch for 4.9 / 5.200056502015-07-2921resolved1.03. Basket, checkout processWrong shippingcost calculation
  minor00062032015-07-282resolved4.01. Database handlingsDefaultDatabaseConnection config option default value is not set
  minorPatch for 4.9 / 5.200057562015-07-231confirmed4.03. 3rd party librariesMost formatting options of WYSIWYG show no effect in Frontend
  minor00061792015-07-238confirmed[module PayPal Plus]
module PayPal Plus - sub
oxpsPayPalPlusOxViewConfig use parent attribute
  feature00062012015-07-232confirmed4.09. SEO, SEO URLAdditional product urls should not be no-index
  critical00061842015-07-232confirmed[module PayPal Plus]
module PayPal Plus - sub
PayPal Plus module doesn't work
  minor00060232015-07-223confirmed1.03. Basket, checkout processProducts sorting in basket vs sorting in database/order history
  major2.14.100053032015-07-2210resolved[module ERP]
module ERP - sub
Logging destroys XML response
  feature00061912015-07-211confirmed1.04. Content, static (register, contact etc.) pagesSystem does not strip whitespaces after and before E-Mail-Addresses
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