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  minor00053792015-12-012acknowledged4.07. Source code, TestoxArticleList and select * from does not employ lazy loading
  minor00053322015-12-012acknowledged4.07. Source code, TestoxPDF missing in EE
  major00053142015-12-01 acknowledged1.03. Basket, checkout processPayment method price is calculated wrong
  tweak00053092015-12-01 acknowledged4. ------ eShop Core -------CE and PE contain EE sourcecode
  major00052892015-12-013acknowledged2.6. Administer ordersMemory Consumption of "Packing List" not linear, leads to memory consumption errors
  minor00052822015-12-01 acknowledged4.06. Language and translationstranslation "mall" with more then one key in admin
  minor00052792015-12-01 acknowledged4.06. Language and translationsCMS pages not generated when adding a new language
  minor00051222015-12-01 acknowledged4.08. CacheVarnish performance issue
  minor00050852015-12-015acknowledged4.07. Source code, Testadding attachments to order email for customer does not work
  minor00050752015-12-013acknowledged4. ------ eShop Core -------oxUtilsUrl->processUrl() returns unusable URL
  minor00050642015-12-012acknowledged4.02. Session handlingCaptcha code does not work with uppercase
  major00050592015-12-01 acknowledged6. ------ Setup -------Shop setup should not be succsesful without choosing market.
  minor00050482015-12-01 acknowledged4.11. Image handlingBasket images urls contains https
  minor00050392015-12-01 acknowledged4.09. SEO, SEO URLDon't set rel=nofollow (a-tag) if <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW">
  minor00050022015-12-013acknowledged4.05. PerformanceShould be possible to switch off/on Maintenance
  minor00048942015-12-01 acknowledged4.07. Source code, TestFormating floats and dates
  minor00048902015-12-01 acknowledged4.07. Source code, Testremove method oxArticle::isNotBuyable()
  tweak00048672015-12-011acknowledged4.07. Source code, TestTrim whitespaces in oxConfig::checkParamSpecialChars()
  minor00048622015-12-011acknowledged2.6. Administer ordersDifferent method to choose the available payment methods in frontend and backend
  minor00048372015-12-011acknowledged4.07. Source code, Test[cleanup] IMS and IMA still available although not used any longer
  minor00048312015-12-014acknowledged2.7. Customer infoCMS page as category do not appear in category-tree.
  minor00047932015-12-01 acknowledged2.4. Administer productsImpossible to change the SEO URL of a variant product
  minor00047762015-12-011acknowledged4.07. Source code, TestWhen generating page tab snippet it always generated as disabled
  major00047732015-12-012acknowledged4.07. Source code, Testviewconfig changes instance after including widget
  minor00047552015-12-012acknowledged2.6. Administer ordersorder list: filter for "paid", "product", "payment method" is not saved for pagination
  minor00027612015-12-011acknowledged4.07. Source code, Testnot possible to overwrite user parameters in oxcmp_user::createUser().
  tweak00055912015-12-011acknowledged1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)Product title used for both, H1 and H2 Tag
  minor00057942015-12-01 acknowledged4.04. SecurityAfter switching language, HTTPS becomes HTTP
  minor00057882015-12-011acknowledged1.10. RSSRSS feed empty when category is defined via "Price from/to (€)"
  tweak00057592015-12-012acknowledged3.2. HTML, CSS, JavaScript"more"-Links are not marked "current" in Topmenu
  text00057582015-12-01 acknowledged4.07. Source code, Testwrong description of class in header comment
  major00057412015-12-012acknowledged4.01. Database handlingSave oxcustnr in oxorder
  minor00057242015-12-011acknowledged4.09. SEO, SEO URLWrong main category url showing in backend. Differs from frontend.
  major00057232015-12-012acknowledged1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)Positive discounts in basket
  minor00057222015-12-012acknowledged2.4. Administer productsCan't see the complete action bar
  trivial00057192015-12-011acknowledged2.4. Administer productsThe sorting of action lists are beginning with 0 when demodata are installed...
  trivial00057182015-12-011acknowledged2.4. Administer productsAfter removing a assigned article to a list, the sorting isn't adjusted
  minor00057172015-12-01 acknowledged1.05. UsersLink for newsletter subscription can be reused
  minor00057092015-12-011acknowledged4.12. Subshop handlingStart page type can't be configured correctly any more after a subshop was created
  minor00057062015-12-011acknowledged4.07. Source code, TestoxConfig::_loadVarsFromDb variables loading issue
  minor00056842015-12-01 acknowledged1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)Voucher discount is rounded incorrectly
  minor00056802015-12-012acknowledged6. ------ Setup -------Setup with oxSetupAps::install does not set language
  minor00056742015-12-01 acknowledged4.06. Language and translationsdisable category for certain language
  minor00056382015-12-013acknowledged4.01. Database handlingSetup uses mysql_ functions only
  text00056372015-12-011acknowledged6. ------ Setup -------Unused config options
  major00056102015-12-013acknowledged2.6. Administer ordersBundled products will be deleted from their orders after using forms in order_main or order_article
  major00055952015-12-01 acknowledged2.5. Administer usersUser's state is saved in wrong way
  major00055152015-12-014acknowledged2.6. Administer ordersRemoved from order articles listed in first created invoice PDF
  major00055132015-12-011acknowledged2.2. Shop settingsmod_rewrite module check fails when protecting shop via htaccess & htpasswd
  minor00055092015-12-012acknowledged2.5. Administer userssetting big number for oxcustnr
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