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0006031OXID eShop (all versions)3.1. Design, GUI, UXpublic2024-01-17 11:15
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Product Version4.8.9 / 5.1.9 
Summary0006031: Contact form: it's not clear for users that contact form has been sent
DescriptionWe are getting several requests of customers, who think the contact form is not working. As a result, the send the form multiple times (5-10 mails) or they send a separate mail an report their problem. We tracked it down to these UX issues:

1. styling of success message doesn't attract any attention (see attached file)
2. contact form doesn't get cleaned after successfull submit (see attached file)
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2015-01-23 12:16

reporter   ~0010632

Our solution is to NOT show the form again, a simple if-else is sufficient (for our use-case).


2015-01-23 18:01

reporter   ~0010635

Thanks for that advice. Nevertheless, this could be changed directly in the template.