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0007205OXID eShop (all versions)2.1. Master Settingspublic2021-01-12 12:54
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Summary0007205: Creating New Country and VAT-ID Check wont' work
DescriptionHi there,

if you create a new country in the backend, vat-id checks won't work.

The value of oxcountry__oxvatinprefix as in


is always empty.

The reason behind this, the value cannot be edit in the backend. there are just fields for the iso-codes.
The user has to edit it in the database.

The background is to have a simple solution for several germans with diffrent shipping methods.

Best Regards QA - SG -
Steps To Reproduce1. create new country and configure it as an european country.
2. try to create a user with vat-id
-> won't work
3. add for the country in database oxvatinprefix
4. try again to create a user with vat-id
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