0006262: [3.1. Design, GUI, UX] "Account" shouldn't appear in top navigation at all if user isn't logged in yet (QA)
0006822: [2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)] Admin templates can't be changed in source if they are overwritten in pe/ee (QA)
0006219: [2.1. Master Settings] Missing documentation for not allowed signs in SMTP fields. (QA)
0006143: [1.04. Content, static (register, contact etc.) pages] Adding CMS page to category menu -> selection of menu item is not displayed in menu (no background) (QA)
0007418: [8. --- Twig engine ---] Cannot extend dynamically included templates in twig (vasyl.liulka)
0007223: [4.02. Session handling] force session start leads to sid parameters on all links on first page request (Sven Brunk)
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