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0006822OXID eShop (all versions)2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)public2023-07-12 12:30
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.0.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version7.0.0 
Summary0006822: Admin templates can't be changed in source if they are overwritten in pe/ee
DescriptionIf a template is overwritten in PE or EE Version of OXID eShop 6, you can't do changes in the template stored in the source directory. The reason is the look up order of the shop framework:

1) oxideshop-ee
2) oxideshop-pe
3) source (ce)

So for example if you need a new block in admin template article_main, you have to make changes in the vendor -> oxideshop-ee -> article_main template, because the shop framework will take this one to render the webpage. Unfortunately it should be strictly avoided to make changes in the vendors directory.
Steps To Reproduce1) search for an admin template in pe/ee that's also available in source (ce)
2) make changes in the template in source
3) empty /tmp
4) reload the webpage
5) you will see no changes
6) delete/rename the corresponding template in pe/ee
7) changes will be visible
Additional InformationChanging the look up order wouldn't be a solution, but it's appreciated to have a option to change admin templates, especially for adding own blocks.
TagsAdmin Template, Template Blocks, Theme Handling
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2018-04-30 10:05

reporter   ~0012458

That was exactly the problem we tried to describe in 0006821 - you can't add new blocks to EE admin templates right now, which is a major bug to me, because we need some extra blocks for quite some modules, so I am not sure about the "low" priority ...
And why are all the CE admin templates copied to the EE source directory anyways, but not the EE specific ones?


2018-04-30 10:28

administrator   ~0012459

Last edited: 2018-04-30 10:28

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Issue was classified minor, because you can extend admin templates with the included blocks and even not all admin templates are affected. Possible priority changes will be discusssed intern at the next development meeting.

Because the bugtracker is only for reporting issues, please use our Dev-General Mailing List ( for further questions about OXID eShop.



2018-05-04 15:59

reporter   ~0012475

Well, I used the bugtracker because it IS an issue / bug to me, not something I wanted to discuss ... and only because not all templates are affected doesn't qualify it as a "non-bug" imho :)


2018-05-04 16:21

reporter   ~0012476

it´s a bug NOT a feature! no comment, really ...


2019-02-21 11:45

reporter   ~0012786

... same issue here!! the customer need's a better user interface / better sorting of input fields, optimized custom templates, etc. for article data entry, but we have to say "sorry not possible! even with your enterprise edition :( ..."


2019-03-05 11:32

reporter   ~0012807

+1 for solving this issue

We had modules extending the block, but this also does not work anymore.


2019-05-06 11:10

reporter   ~0012880

+1 - we also have some problems with this. There is some hacks but this is not good way to make it that way.

Pavel Stolba

2020-07-29 10:14

reporter   ~0013275

+1 - we also have some problems with this. Is there some solution to add new blocks in EE admin templates?


2021-05-26 12:38

reporter   ~0013445

@Benny just published a blog post with a tutorial describing a workaround for this issue:


2023-07-12 12:30

administrator   ~0015419

Since v7.0.0 the "twig-admin-theme" is its own package in vendor/oxid-esales/. There are no templates in the shop packages anymore!
That means that they generalized the admin theme for ce, pe and ee.
I did the steps to reproduce but after changing the admin template in the source directory, the changes were directly visible after reloading the admin dashboard.
When I also changed the template file of the same name in vendor/oxid-esales/twig-admin-theme/, the changes were not visible and the changes that I made prior (in source) were prioritized.
If more/other blocks are prefered, please do pull requests for these.
- mko