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0005504OXID eShop (all versions)2.4. Administer productspublic2023-12-13 16:01
Reportermichael_keiluweit Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.8.0 / 5.1.0 
Fixed in Version7.0.0 
Summary0005504: individual template for one article doesn't work anymore without adapting code
DescriptionTo have an own alternative article detail page before 4.8 / 5.1 you could use the input field in the administration area "alternative template".
But with 4.8 / 5.1 a widget is introduced which loads the fullproductinfo.tpl. To make the shop use your own fullproductinfo.tpl, you have to adapt the widget class oxwArticleDetails, especially the variable $_sThisTemplate. Then the widget loads the individual template.

Currently you can only replace the file \application\views\azure\tpl\page\details\details.tpl and so you're losing the widget functionality when you wouldn't like to write a complete new widget for an alternative template.
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has duplicate 0005707 closedsvetlana alternative template can't show variants and stuff from oxw class 
related to 0006004 resolvedSvenBrunk Alternative Template is not used with variants 



2013-11-06 18:33

reporter   ~0009238

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workaround (in German):


2014-03-20 18:19

reporter   ~0009670

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Your workaround is the solution, which should better be placed in the doku here i think:

You can also think about passing the template all the way like this to the widget to be able to hold/repeat all the functionallity to the custom templates, like variant list getter or image getter, so on.

[{... oxwtemplate=$oView->getTemplateName() ...}]


2014-04-16 23:11

reporter   ~0009845

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I noticed oxwtemplate can be used in every widget, very nice!

(Didn't realize this at first because functionality is in oxwidgetconrol)


2014-12-18 14:41

reporter   ~0010555

This is not a duplicate of 0006004 !

in my shop the alternative templates work fine except for the variants!


2018-01-12 11:26

developer   ~0012351

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I tried the workaround posted by martinwegele but it doesn't worked for me as described in the forum post. I used the hints and prepared the following solution for me:

Copy and rename the following files:

In my description I renamed all the files with the suffix '2' (details.tpl -> details2.tpl).

In your /page/details/details2.tpl:
[{oxid_include_widget cl="oxwArticleDetails" _parent=$oView->getClassName() nocookie=1 force_sid=$force_sid _navurlparams=$oViewConf->getNavUrlParams() _object=$oView->getProduct() anid=$oViewConf->getActArticleId() iPriceAlarmStatus=$oView->getPriceAlarmStatus() sorting=$oView->getSortingParameters() skipESIforUser=1}]
[{oxid_include_widget cl="oxwArticleDetails" oxwtemplate="widget/product/details2.tpl" _parent=$oView->getClassName() nocookie=1 force_sid=$force_sid _navurlparams=$oViewConf->getNavUrlParams() _object=$oView->getProduct() anid=$oViewConf->getActArticleId() iPriceAlarmStatus=$oView->getPriceAlarmStatus() sorting=$oView->getSortingParameters() skipESIforUser=1}]

[{include file="page/details/inc/fullproductinfo.tpl"}]

[{include file="page/details/inc/fullproductinfo2.tpl"}]

In your fullproductinfo2.tpl:
[{include file="page/details/inc/productmain.tpl"}]

[{include file="page/details/inc/productmain2.tpl"}]

In your productmain2.tpl:
Do the changes you want.

In your /widget/product/details2.tpl:
[{include file="page/details/details.tpl" blWorkaroundInclude=true}]

[{include file="page/details/details2.tpl" blWorkaroundInclude=true}]

After these changes, set the alternative template in backend: page/details/details2.tpl

This (modified) workaround was succesfully tested in v4.10.6 and v6.0.0


2023-12-13 16:01

administrator   ~0016081

Works in OXID 7