Released 2020-03-16
0006521: [Theme] "Mehr" should be a multilanguage string (anton.fedurtsya)
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Released 2019-04-11
0006958: [Theme] Tag "strong" was closed, but not openend (anton.fedurtsya)
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Released 2019-01-18
0006828: [Theme] PAGE_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS_PRODUCTS1 and PAGE_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS_PRODUCTS2 not found (vilma_liorensaityte)
0006926: [Theme] non-essential files are copied to "source/Application/views/flow" (anton.fedurtsya)
0006909: [Theme] Translations errors in flow theme (anton.fedurtsya)
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Released 2018-07-20
0006578: [Theme] Javascript error on mobile device on detail page breaks swipe (anton.fedurtsya)
0006560: [Theme] Wrong Password is not handled correctly in PrivateSale Mode in Flow Theme (anton.fedurtsya)
0006643: [Theme] Template err_accessdenied.tpl is missing (anton.fedurtsya)
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Released 2018-03-27
0006809: [Theme] selection lists don't work in checkout (cart) (anton.fedurtsya)
0006437: [Theme] Template order_owner.tpl contains some untranslated Idents (anton.fedurtsya)
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Released 2017-11-24
0006442: [Theme] Sticky Navigation in Full-Width Layout (anton.fedurtsya)
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Released 2017-08-14
0006647: [Theme] Multiple id="details_container" (sebastian.bauer)
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0006509: [Theme] articles with one or more pick lists are put into basket every time one chooses a setting (anton.fedurtsya)
0006588: [Theme] Missing translations for price alarm (anton.fedurtsya)
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Released 2017-03-20
0006459: [Theme] Cookie confirmation on every page view (mantas.vaitkunas)
0006524: [Theme] New TLDs like ".productions", ".digital" are not accepted in Flow Theme (HR)
0006537: [Theme] State-Selection empty if not selected (HR)
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0006439: [Theme] PAGE_INFO_CONTACT_THANKYOU1 and PAGE_INFO_CONTACT_THANKYOU2 not found (florian.auer)
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