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0006445Flow themeThemepublic2017-09-07 10:01 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.0-beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006445: sorting by price doesn't work
Descriptionsee demoshop:
Steps To Reproducesee demoshop:
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2016-07-11 08:06

administrator   ~0011675

I can't reproduce this case as the sorting works fine for me. See the attached screenshot whichs shows the sorting in the demoshop.
Please provide a more detailed description how the bug is reproduceable.


2016-07-11 08:06


b6445nr.png (260,664 bytes)
b6445nr.png (260,664 bytes)


2016-07-11 11:27

reporter   ~0011677

Sorry, but it doesn't work with Firefox and Chrome. Tested in demoshop.


2016-07-11 13:08

administrator   ~0011678

Weird. I checked it again and I saw that the sorting was not accepted (bug confirmed). Later - ~1 hour - I tried it again and it worked as before.


2016-07-11 13:46

reporter   ~0011679

Strange. You are right. Now it works.

2016-07-11 13:56

reporter   ~0011680

double-strange! clicked at about 11:30 on the link above to demoshop and in didn't work - now it works!
But not in my test-shop:


2016-07-11 14:01

reporter   ~0011681

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It doesn't work in my local installation too.
But after a while it works properly.