0004989: [2.4. Administer products] WYSIWYGPRO broken if Admin in SSL-Mode (tadas)
       0005073: [4.07. Source code, Test] Domains with subdirs does not load WYSIWIG editor (tadas)
0005061: [1.03. Basket, checkout process] Affiliates - Discountnetprice is always 0 (vaidas.matulevicius)
0005037: [4.02. Session handling] Sessions get lost on subshops (vaidas.matulevicius)
0004980: [4.05. Performance] buildTree / assignArray very slow (Linas Kukulskis)
0005023: [2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)] Active theme id is not accessible from template. (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005074: [2. ----- eShop backend (admin) -----] wrong language key used in ordered items overview (tadas)
0005063: [4.07. Source code, Test] PHP Fatal error due to missing method check in application/models/oxorderarticle.php (tadas)
0005054: [1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)] Selectionslist elements Prices can't be displayed with pre tax (brutto) prices (tadas)
0005036: [1.03. Basket, checkout process] smarty_modifier_oxnumberformat does not work with given precision (tadas)
0005049: [4.07. Source code, Test] Wrong method documentation due to copy&pase (tadas)
0004997: [4.05. Performance] Performacne unfriendly oxView::getCacheLifeTime() (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005044: [2.4. Administer products] if "Calculate Product Price is not set" no product description and save button (tadas)
0004971: [2.4. Administer products] config bl_perfLoadPrice interfers with admin tpl article_main (tadas)
0005009: [4.09. SEO, SEO URL] Redirect in case of an error must be 307 and not 301/302 (Linas Kukulskis)
0005032: [2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)] typ in admin (tadas)
0004999: [2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)] wrong date saved as invoice date (oxorder_oxbilldate) (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005019: [1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)] in RDFa only active shipping methods should be listed (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005012: [4.07. Source code, Test] oxTagCloud getTagLink Method needs an isset-check (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005008: [2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)] Blank (empty/null) module settings value is filled with previous parameter values (mantas.vaitkunas)
0005007: [1.04. Content, static (register, contact etc.) pages] getStackTrace() missing in class oxDisplayError implements oxIDisplayError (/core/oxdisplayerror.php) (mantas.vaitkunas)
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