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0006019OXID eShop (all versions)2.4. Administer productspublic2024-01-19 17:46
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Product Version4.8.7 / 5.1.7 
Summary0006019: EE: Main Category in subshops not highlighted
DescriptionIf you have a product assigned to several subshops and assigned several categories only the LAST category marked as "main category" will be highlighted
Steps To ReproduceIf you have a product in the Master shop which is assigned to 2 subshops and you assign this product to several categories in the subshops you can select which category should be the main category for the subshop.

article_extend -> click on "assign categories", mark the desired category in the right column of the popup, click on "set as main category".

This will work in the first subshop.
Now change to the 2nd subshop, select this product and do the same. Again this will work, selected category will be displayed with dark blue background.

Now the ERROR:
If you change back to subshop 1 and check the assigned categories NO category will be displayed as the main category.
Additional InformationThe error presumably is in article_extend_ajax.php, function _getDataFields( $sQ )

$aField['_3'] should be changed to $aField['_4'] (which is the relevant oxtime data column).

TagsAJAX, Category, Subshops
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related to 0005630 resolvedtadas Setting a category as the main category collides with subshop 
related to 0005724 confirmedHR Wrong main category url showing in backend. Differs from frontend. 



2015-01-16 09:33

reporter   ~0010619

This might be related to 0005630 and 0005724.


2015-01-26 19:39

reporter   ~0010636

Further investigation:
In the above mentioned function _getDataFields( $sQ ) the oxtime column sent to the browser via ajax is marked with "0" if the current record is the main category for this subshop.
But the calculation of the oxtime field with the smallest value (= main category) is wrong:

 } elseif ( $iMinVal > $aField['_3'] ) {
variable $iMinVal is not updated.