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0005724OXID eShop (all versions)4.09. SEO, SEO URLpublic2024-01-17 10:13
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Product Version4.8.4 / 5.1.4 
Summary0005724: Wrong main category url showing in backend. Differs from frontend.
DescriptionWhen retrieving a main category link for an article, hidden categories are not excluded from the select statement.
But in the backend they are excluded.
So if you visit the admin panel for this article and switch to SEO, you won't see a hidden category marked as "main category". Instead of showing the hidden category the oxobject2category entry with the 2nd lowest oxtime is shown as main category.

Steps To Reproduce1. Add some categories (hidden and unhidden) to an article.
2. Set a unhidden category as "main category" for this article.
3. Now set the hidden category as "main category" for this article.
4. Switch to SEO panel in admin backend for this article.
You will see that the unhidden category is still marked as "main category"

But if you search for this article in the frontend the resulting article shows the url of the hidden category.
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2023-11-27 10:37

administrator   ~0015963

The different behavior between the frontend and backoffice is fixed. The reason I am confirming this is because the backoffice should :
- warn about assigning a hidden category as the main category, because it reveals the hidden category to anyone selecting an article from the visible category
- not prevent the user from selecting it in the first place, because that is a free choice of the shop owner if he wants that or not