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0003673OXID eShop (all versions)3.1. Design, GUI, UXpublic2013-11-05 10:26
Reportermarco_steinhaeuser Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.6.0_beta2 
Target Version4.7.8 / 5.0.8Fixed in Version4.8.1 / 5.1.1 
Summary0003673: Naming of promotions is not consistent in admin, azure and basic
DescriptionIn admin, azure and basic we shall use the same naming for several promotions instead of different like we use now. People feel like confused about it.

- "Big offer start page" <-- Admin
- non existent in Azure
- "Offer of the week" (or similar) in Basic
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��oxid	English title in admin	German title in admin	methods that use this data	language constant	 English title in the template	 German title in the template	status	action

oxstart	Start page bottom	Startseite unten	\Start::getArticleList		basic	basic	not used anywhere	can be deleted

oxtopstart	Top offer start page	Topangebot Startseite	\Newsletter::getTopStartArticle -> \Newsletter::getTopStartActionArticles \Start::getTopArticleList		basic	basic	usage in Newsletter?	mark as deprecated?

oxfirststart	Week''s Special	Angebot der Woche	\Start::getFirstArticle <- \Start::_prepareMetaDescription, \Start::_prepareMetaKeyword		basic	basic	is assigned in /application/views/azure/tpl/page/shop/start.tpl but not used?	check if still needed

oxbargain	Bargain	Schn�ppchen	\aList::getBargainArticleList <- used in cms-snippet oxbargain (oxcontents table), but where is this used? \oxUBase::getBargainArticleList<-/application/views/azure/tpl/page/shop/start.tpl and /application/views/azure/tpl/widget/product/bargainitems.tpl and \oxRssFeed::loadBargain <- \Rss::bargain <- \oxRssFeed::getBargainUrl() <- \oxRssFeed::loadBargain	PAGE_SHOP_START_WEEKSPECIAL BARGAIN BARGAIN_PRODUCTS	Week's Special	Angebot der Woche	confusion	rename language key to Schn�ppchen / Bargain in lang.php

oxtop5	Top seller	Topseller	\oxArticleList::loadTop5Articles  <- \oxRssFeed::loadTopInShop <- \oxRssFeed::loadTopInShop <- \oxRssFeed::getTopInShopUrl <- \oxRssFeed::loadTopInShop and \oxUBase::getTop5ArticleList <- /application/views/azure/tpl/layout/sidebar.tpl	TOP_SHOP_PRODUCTS TOP_OF_THE_SHOP	Top shop articles Top of the Shop	Top of the Shop Die beliebtesten Artikel des Shops	ok	maybe rename in admin area to match frontend names

oxcatoffer	Top offer in categories	Kategorien-Topangebot	\Start::getCatOfferArticleList <- /application/views/azure/tpl/page/shop/start.tpl and unused:  \Start::getCatOfferArticle 	none	[Category name]	[Category name]	used but a little bit confusing	explain usage in template or put into another template

oxnewest	Just arrived	Frisch eingetroffen	\oxArticleList::loadNewestArticles <- \Start::getNewestArticles <-/application/views/azure/tpl/page/shop/start.tpl und \oxRssFeed::loadNewestArticles	PAGE_SHOP_START_JUSTARRIVED	Just arrived!	Frisch eingetroffen!	usage in start page	leave as it is

aktionen.txt (4,638 bytes)   
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2012-04-06 16:45

reporter   ~0006213

Updated start page promotion naming


2013-08-30 12:06

reporter   ~0009010

Last edited: 2013-08-30 12:07

I think this is was never fixed: see 0005381