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0002666OXID eShop (all versions)6. ------ Setup -------public2012-05-23 15:20
Reportermarco_steinhaeuser Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.4.8 revision 34028 
Fixed in Version4.5.7 revision 41909 
Summary0002666: Setup stops because of a pretended wrong PHP module for MySQL 5
DescriptionFound in this forum (German):

System health check shows a red button while checking for an appropriate PHP module for MySQL 5. The provider uses the most recent MySQL Native Driver that has no version number in his name.

Read more about it:
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Linas Kukulskis

2011-07-01 16:07

reporter   ~0004811

Reminder sent to: marco_steinhaeuser

To solve this bug I need more info: what was mysql version and what connector was used.
I checked we are checking this native mysql driver - mysqlnd, so everything seems ok, maybe mysql version was wrong.

Linas Kukulskis

2011-07-11 10:40

reporter   ~0004845

need more info.
when info comes reopen the bug.


2011-11-23 15:54

reporter   ~0005439

Hi Linas,

sorry - I will miss every reminder. Best to ping me by Skype in this cases.
Have some more information here. In this thread, the hoster's support explains that they use mysqlnd instead of libmysql which might provoke the unwanted behaviour.

Here, you'll find a phpinfo:

Hope, you'll find enough :-)

Linas Kukulskis

2011-12-12 09:41

reporter   ~0005471

moved extension check from versions check version part to extension check part


2012-01-02 11:04

reporter   ~0005572

From the forums I heard that it now, after the fix, doesn't work in other environments, e.g. on the present XAMPP version:

Couldn't reproduce it on
PHP Version 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.3
Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
Server version: 5.1.58-1ubuntu1, same PHP client version

Linas Kukulskis

2012-01-04 15:15

reporter   ~0005579

removed bad fix.
after some more investigation it seems that problem is with hosting provider.
our system health check on mysql native driver expects that function mysql_get_client_info() returns ".. mysqlnd ...", but in
phpinfo shows "MySql native drive" its seems unusual.

so if we can check what is returned on mysql_get_client_info() call on server it would help us.

please reopen this bug when this information is known.