0005706: [4.07. Source code, Test] oxConfig::_loadVarsFromDb variables loading issue (Sven Brunk)
0006036: [2.2. Shop settings] Config values are stored as encoded, which is simply annoying. (Sven Brunk)
0006708: [2.7. Customer info] Multishop Feature makes it impossible to have shopspecific news (afshar5152)
0005526: [2.7. Customer info] not working actions and promotions (afshar5152)
0005746: [2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)] Timestamp is not added for css and js files included from module (anton.fedurtsya)
0007011: [4.12. Subshop handling] when assigning rights (rights -> assign user groups) to a category in the subshop, these are also transferred to the main shop (Nikola Ivanovski)
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