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0006708OXID eShop (all versions)2.7. Customer infopublic2019-10-14 16:24
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006708: Multishop Feature makes it impossible to have shopspecific news
DescriptionAny Subshop marked as a multishop, automaticly copies news cenerated in any other shop.

This makes it impossible to have news for just 1 subshop while still having it be a multishop.
Steps To ReproduceI used the following Setup:
Subshop A inherits everything from A + is multishop
Subshop B inherits from A
Subshop C is multishop
Subshop D is empty subshop, not related to any other

Ater changing default news in Master every shop, except D chaged news too.
Here shop C should not chance news, but the multishop feature makes it do that.
Additional InformationYou need to test with Azure Theme on a standardshop, because flow dropped the news element.
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PHP Version5.6
MySQL Version5.6


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