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0007595module PayPal Checkoutmodule PayPal checkout - subpublic2024-02-12 14:10
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Summary0007595: PayPal Checkout substract discount from coupon series again, if 'Show net prices in frontend (B2B)' is active
DescriptionIf 'Show net prices in frontend (B2B)' in Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> VAT is active, PayPal checkout substract the discount of a coupon again.
Steps To Reproduce1. Log into Admin Menu
2. Go to Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> VAT and activate 'Show net prices in frontend (B2B)'
3. Go to Shop Settings -> Coupon Series and create a Coupon
4. Go to Front End
5. Put something in basket
6. Go to basket
7. look at your Grand Total
8. Checkout with PayPal
9. Look at the price in PayPal
Additional InformationLook at the attached picture. There are the settings you need.

You can see in the log that the shop assigns the correct value to PayPal Checkout. However PayPal Checkout substract the Coupon again. This only happens if you have 'Show net prices in frontend (B2B)' active.
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2024-02-06 16:35


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2024-02-09 11:04

developer   ~0016288

@AdrianFrey: Please give us more detailed information about the created Coupon. The values of the Coupon are necessary for clearing ...


2024-02-09 11:44

reporter   ~0016289

@mario_lorenz I attached you an image of my coupon.