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0007514OXID eShop (all versions)1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)public2024-05-15 14:24
ReporterSvenBrunk Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version7.0.0 
Target Version7.0.1 
Summary0007514: Shop frontend does not respect inactive state correctly on products, categories and manufacturers
DescriptionThe shop frontend shows different, but wrong behaviour for inactive objects at least for types product, category and manufacturer:

1. SEO URLs of manufacturers are always accessible, no matter if they are active or not
2. SEO URLs of products and categories can be extended with ?redirect=1 to cause incorrect behaviour
   a. products show a white page which probably means an error occurs
   b. categories can be tricked to just display normally this way

This can be critical for some shop owners.
Steps To Reproduce1. create a shop with demodata installed
2. deactivate 1 category
3. deactivate 1 product
4. collect SEO URLs for 1 inactive category, 1 inactive product and 1 inactive manufacturer (there should be some inactive in Demodata already)
5. call the SEO URL of the inactive manufacturer -> it is accessible
6. call the SEO URL for the inactive product -> redirect (correct!)
7. call the SEO URL for the inactive product with attached ?redirected=1 -> blank page (not good)
8. call the SEO URL for the inactive category -> redirect (correct!)
9. call the SEO URL for the inactive category with attached ?redirected=1 -> category normally visible (even worse)
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duplicate of 0006362 acknowledgedflorian.auer If article is set to inactive and seo will be called you get 302 FOUND and redirect=1 
duplicate of 0006370 acknowledgedflorian.auer hard to debug redirects to start page for different reasons 
duplicate of 0006879 acknowledgedbenjamin.joerger inactive manufacturer + vendor doesn't redirect to start page 
related to 0007489 confirmedHR Error when previewing a deactivated product in a subshop with its own URL 


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