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0007489OXID eShop (all versions)4.12. Subshop handlingpublic2023-10-31 12:32
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Product Version6.3.2 
Summary0007489: Error when previewing a deactivated product in a subshop with its own URL
DescriptionThe article preview in an Enterprise Edition with its own subshop and its own URL does not work if the product is deactivated. Instead, you are redirected to the start page. It is noticeable that the cookie "admin_sid" is not created in the product preview.

However, if no own URL is defined for the subshop under Mall, it works.
Steps To Reproduce- create a subshop
- subshop URL in Master Settings > Core Settings > Mall > Shop URL
- Administer Products > Products > select a deactivated Product > Open Product Preview
- the product should be visible, but it redirects to the home page
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related to 0007514 confirmedHR Shop frontend does not respect inactive state correctly on products, categories and manufacturers 



2023-06-28 14:50

administrator   ~0015302

Last edited: 2023-06-28 14:50

Also reproduced in OXID 7



2023-10-31 12:24

administrator   ~0015713

Actually this is pretty much the intended behaviour and the correct thing to happen in the frontend for a deactivated product. Nonetheless for an editor of products that are meant to be published at a later time, this is not helpful. So I will classify this as a feature to add for the master data management


2023-10-31 12:32

administrator   ~0015714

Last edited: 2023-10-31 12:32

Added relation to 7514 which criticizes that sometimes the opposite is the case