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0007444module Usercentricsmodule Usercentrics - subpublic2023-03-16 16:30
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
Product Version1.1.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007444: Module settings are not saved
DescriptionThe module settings cannot be saved in the module. After saving, the default values are reloaded. The module was tested in version 1.1.3 in OXID PE 6.2.2.
I had the same behaviour with module version 1.2.1, which I had accidentally installed in OXID 6.2.2.
Steps To Reproduce- install module
- activate module
- clear tmp directory
- open setting tab for module
- change module setting, e.g. enter an ID for "Usercentrics Script ID"
- save setting
- check settings after reload of the settings page
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2023-03-10 17:13

administrator   ~0015091


this issue is not reproducable and pretty sure linked to your environment. Since version 6.2, module settings are written into YAML files in the var/configuration/shops directory. Therefore you must pay attention to set write access to it. Your issue might be connected to this. Please see documentation for directory permissions:

Also source/log/oxideshop.log may provide you some information about any errors.



2023-03-10 18:58

reporter   ~0015092

The YAML file is already known and is writable. The activation of the module itself has also updated the YAML file accordingly. Changes to the module settings from other modules are also updated in the YAML file. The log folder and also the log file oxideshop.log is also writable, but there is no entry for this problem. In the same environment, 3 shops are running, one of which is in productive mode. So it is definitely not due to the environment or the write access.


2023-03-16 16:29

administrator   ~0015095


I tested the case with two scenarios:

- install 6.2.5
- repeat Steps To Reproduce
- not reproducible.

- install 6.2.5
- remove the module oxid-professional-services/usercentrics
- install the module oxid-professional-services/usercentrics
- repeat Steps To Reproduce
- not reproducible.

So the case is still not reproducible from our side. In case we are missing something, please let us know. If you want to share more specific details, please mail them to [email protected].
Since the values are written to the database, please also check if the entries were made correctly. I'll attach a screenshot from the table oxconfig of the environment I've tested it with.

Kind regards


2023-03-16 16:30

administrator   ~0015096

The screenshot, I mentioned in