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0007180OXID eShop (all versions)2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)public2023-05-31 13:38
Reporternitin.singh Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.2.1 
Fixed in Version6.2.3 
Summary0007180: Saving module settings issue, if module id includes - or / character
DescriptionWe have noticed a problem in Shop 6.2 while updating module settings.
We are not able to save module settings in Shop admin, if there is specific characters (- or /) exist in module id. e.g. OXPS-MyModule
Steps To ReproduceYou can simply follow these steps.
1. Please develop any simple module with module id including any one of these characters (- or /) and having some settings.
2. Install and enable this module.
3. Now please try to update any setting field from shop admin. You will notice that page is getting refreshed but setting is not updated on form and DB.
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PHP Version7.1
Database VersionOther


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2020-10-05 14:27

reporter   ~0013313

We stumbled upon the same issue, but with OXID 6.2.2 and PHP 7.4. The module we used had a slash in its module-id. To change module settings you need to deactivate the module, change the settings and activate the module again.

Note also, that there are a ton of modules out there using a slash or a "-" in the module-id and this worked - perfectly until. Even OXID ships a few modules like this:


2020-10-05 16:29

administrator   ~0013315

I created a module with ID "oxs/test-module". Both characters are present, but I can still modify my setting successfully. As a result I am unable to reproduce the issue with the steps provided. Maybe there is another fact that interferes with the functionality. Did you test with a simple module as described and in a standard OXID eShop environment? If not, please do so.



2020-10-08 13:42

reporter   ~0013324

We found out that it works after commenting out this line:

Nitin confirmed that, too. We reported that to some folks from the core team and they were able to reproduce the issue. The issue is not related to the fact, that the module-id has a "-" or a "/" in it, we were able to reproduce this with a module-id that contains only letters.


2020-10-08 15:19

administrator   ~0013325

Thanks for the further investigation and report to Core Team. I will close this issue now, since you're telling it is not connected to the described characteristics.

[email protected]

2020-11-11 11:57

reporter   ~0013348

Bug was reproducible via the service yaml and it is now fixed with