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0007015OXID eShop (all versions)2.4. Administer productspublic2019-08-20 10:11
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version6.0.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007015: OXSOLDAMOUNT in Multishop-Umfeld nicht für Artikelsortierung geeignet.
DescriptionAuch wenn man das Feld in $this->aMultishopArticleFields aufnimmt, bringt das nichts.
Änderungen an OXSOLDAMOUNT werden hier direkt in oxarticles geschrieben.

"Gelesen" wirds dann aber von oxfield2shop und da steht immer 0 drin.
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has duplicate 0007019 closed OXSOLDAMOUNT cannot be used for product sorting in category view in a multishop-environment 



2019-07-31 13:00

administrator   ~0012954

Contents in the bugtracker have to be entered in English, because an international team of developers takes care of the bug handling.
Therefore I would like to ask you to translate your entries and add the steps to reproduce.
Thx in advance.


2019-08-05 09:49

reporter   ~0012956

Sorry, but I cannot edit the issue anymore but here is the english version:

Title: OXSOLDAMOUNT cannot be used for product sorting in category view in a multishop-environment

If I add the field to $this->aMultishopArticleFields in it won't work..
Changes to OXSOLDAMOUNT are written directly to the oxarticle table here:

When sorting the value is read from oxfield2shop where it is 0.


2019-08-05 11:49

administrator   ~0012957

Last edited: 2019-08-05 11:51

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In an OXID eShop 6.1.4 I set oxsoldamount to 100 for the article Kite Core GTS and to 99 for the article Kite Core GT in the oxarticles table and activated the article sorting for oxsoldamount.
The articles were also displayed correctly sorted afterwards.
Therefore I close this bug entry as "not reproducable".



2019-08-05 11:50


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oxsoldamount.JPG (110,031 bytes)