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0006779WYSIWYG Editor + Media Gallerymodule WYSIWYG Editor + Media Gallery - subpublic2019-12-17 13:24
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.3.0 
Summary0006779: Summernote breaks smarty variables
DescriptionWhen using summernote as an editor for newsletters, parsing this newsletter breaks and the preview will switch to maintenance mode in admin. The reason for it is that code like > will be stored to the database as an entity (">"). This is actually like a WYSIWYG editor shall behave but very cumbersome when using Smarty variables in a newsletter in order to gather for example customer and product item data.
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2018-04-20 08:14

reporter   ~0012446

this problem also occurs with cms-content.
Especially in email-content such as "oxadminorderemail" this is a huge problem, because after a simple click on saving the CMS page, the order completion in frontend no longer works.

I created a small module, that fixes the problem at least in CMS pages.
Before saving to database, "-& gt;" is converted back to ">":


2018-05-02 20:41

reporter   ~0012467

another quickfix is to replace the block admin_headitem_js in source/Application/views/admin/tpl/headitem.tpl
and replace the tags here

            if (textVal != null) {
                var oTarget = document.getElementsByName( 'editval['+ sIdent + ']' );
                if ( oTarget != null && ( oField = oTarget.item( 0 ) ) != null ) {
-> replace smarty tags here within textVal
                    oField.value = textVal;

This works also for articles and categories.


2019-11-17 20:51

developer   ~0013045

Pull Request for Fix:


2019-12-17 13:23

administrator   ~0013072

The pull request merged.