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0006404OXID eShop (all versions)1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)public2024-03-27 09:35
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Product Version4.9.8 / 5.2.8 
Summary0006404: Wrong vat calculation for vouchers in baskets with mixed vat rates
DescriptionIf a voucher/coupon is valid for only part of the articles in a basket and the articles have different vat rates, the taxes and netto sum are calculated as if the voucher was valid for all.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create voucher (= coupon series) with discount 10% (in test: test10perc).
2. Assign product to series (in test: 1503 Smart Loop NAISH).
3. Assign "Spec. VAT" to one article (in test: 7% for 2401 Binding O'BRIEN DECADE CT 2010).
4. Add both articles to basket.
5. Apply coupon.

Screenshot part 1: basket without coupon
Tax 7% is 23,49 €.
Tax 19% is 16,76 €.

Screenshot part 2: basket with coupon 10% for 1503
Tax 7% is 22,95 €.
The 19% tax is 16,39 €.
Both taxes are reduced to 0000148:0000097.7%, but only the 19% tax should be reduced to 90%. The 7% tax should stay untouched.
As a result the netto sum is also wrong.

Screenshot part 3: basket with coupon for 1503 and 2401 with option "Skip all negative Discounts".
Tax 7% is 23,49 €.
Tax 19% is 15,09 €.
Taxes and netto sum are correct.
Additional InformationThis is not fixed with

In ff. all vats are reduced except for articles that have set the option "Skip all negative discounts".
This workaround was already described in the following bug report

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