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0006370OXID eShop (all versions)1. ----- eShop frontend -----public2016-11-09 09:31
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Summary0006370: hard to debug redirects to start page for different reasons
DescriptionWhen a article is not visible, or not active, or the parent is not visible and in many more situations e.g. errors (not sure which cases exactly) user will be redirected to startpage.

Problem with that is,
- users may not understand that an error happend and what to report.
- shopowner can not see the reason, and will report bug
- programmer can not see the reason, and need al lot of time to find reason
- searchengine can not see the reason (see also

what i expect.
1. by default no redirect better 404, 410, 451 or 503 depending on the situation and settings
2. at least http header with reason e.g. x-reason: not readable, x-reason: see error log, ...

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related to 0006362 acknowledgedflorian.auer If article is set to inactive and seo will be called you get 302 FOUND and redirect=1 



2016-04-08 09:08

administrator   ~0011525

Bug was already reported