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0005596OXID eShop (all versions)2.2. Shop settingspublic2022-01-31 07:49
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Summary0005596: remove the options to activate the selection lists
DescriptionBecause selection lists are similiar to variants the should be enabled by default as variants.
Currently you have to go to administration area -> master settings -> core settings -> performance:

-> Load Selection Lists
-> Load Selection Lists in Product Lists

that they are working in the shop. But it is not documentated nor mentioned during creating a selection list.
Furthermore there is the option to assign the selection list to n categories and n articles and it is possible to deactivate it. Also you can transform it to variants and then it is also always activated.
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related to 0005593 resolvedtadas Price Surcharge/ Discount (€) of selection lists have a wrong effect to the price calcuation in the basket 



2014-03-28 10:05

reporter   ~0009753

waiting for the PO decision.