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0005441OXID eShop (all versions)6. ------ Setup -------public2022-02-01 10:27
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.7.8 / 5.0.8 
Fixed in Version6.0.0 
Summary0005441: remove demodata from packages
Description75% of the size of the full install packages is because of the directory out.
92% of its size is because of the directory pictures and I guess most of it is pure demodata. One suggestion would be to make a separate demodata-package which can be installed additionally. I know that this is more of a feature request so I will talk to Ina about the benefits of removing demodata from the full install packages.
As a first "fix" I would strongly recommend to remove all pictures from the "generated" directory because these are generated by the eshop if needed. Maybe they should also be removed in the repository? That would save us about 20 MB.
In general smaller packages are useful because they can be moved more easily, e.g. during the release process.
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has duplicate 0005574 resolvedsvetlana Remove generated images 
has duplicate 0006248 closed images in pictures/generated are present in setup 



2013-10-18 15:43

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FYI: The demo data pictures was special prepared by Development team and tuned, because automatic generation makes them look bad.


2014-03-28 10:05

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waiting for the PO decision.


2015-01-09 09:41

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2022-02-01 10:27

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This is actually a duplicate, but it was fixed a while ago with 6.0.0 IIRC