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0005384OXID eShop (all versions)1.01. Products (product, categories, manufacturer, promotions etc.)public2023-11-21 09:26
Reportermichael_keiluweit Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.7.7 / 5.0.7 
Fixed in Version6.0.3 
Summary0005384: When a country has the option "Do not bill VAT", the shop shows "* incl. VAT, plus shipping" anyway
DescriptionA customer registers with a country, which has the option "Do not bill VAT". But the shops displays still "* incl. VAT, plus shipping" in the footer.

The shop has to display "exclusive shipping" instead of "incl. VAT", because there is no VAT and the shipping isn't in the article price included.
Steps To Reproduce1. goto admin
2. activate a county, set the option "Do not bill VAT" to true.
3. goto frontend
4. register a new customer with the land from step 2.
5. have a look to the footer, the shop will still display "* incl. VAT, plus shipping", because the method oxUBase::isVatIncluded() doesn't check the country of the user and therefore not if the country doesn't need to pay the VAT.
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related to 0006516 resolvedanton.fedurtsya When a country has the option "Do not bill VAT only if provided valid VAT I", the shop shows "* incl. VAT, plus shipping" anyway 



2016-02-18 14:10

reporter   ~0011468

Hi, I hope this is the right way to do this.
We have the same problem already on version 4.7.0_51243!

Additionally, I don't think this is a "minor" issue.
Our customer (running the shop) has customers of such countries with the option ("Do not bill VAT"). They see the netto price and - because of that "inc. 19% VAT" message - want to have that netto(!) price even more reduced by 19%! This is real money!

And I think that is "oxUBase::isVatIncluded()", "oxUser" doesn't have a method like that. On the other hand, would "oxUser::isPriceViewModeNetto()" also be the right place to fix this?


2016-02-18 14:44

administrator   ~0011469

Replaced oxUser with oxUBase as mentioned in #c11468


2016-07-14 11:02

administrator   ~0011698


2023-11-21 09:26

administrator   ~0015870

Fixed in 6.0.3, see related ticket