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0005229OXID eShop (all versions)1.02. Price calculations (discounts, coupons, additional costs etc.)public2013-08-14 16:27
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version4.7.4 / 5.0.4 revision 57063 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005229: AmountPriceInfo breaks on articlediscounts
DescriptionWhen there is an active discount on articles or categories only the first amountprice in list is displayed.
Steps To Reproduce1) Go to backend
2) configure at least 2 amount-prices for a product
3) add a discount like this:
     - active
     - discount 10%
     - add at least one article
4) go to frontend and find the article with amount-prices
5) see only the first price beeing displayed in list
Additional InformationThe problem lies in oxArticle::_fillAmountPriceList()
The call of $this->_calculatePrice( $oItemPrice ) semms to results in a falsly set position pointer in $oAmPriceList.

  foreach ($oAmPriceList as $sId => $oItem) {

  $oSecureList = clone($oAmPriceList);
  foreach ($oSecureList as $sId => $oItem) {

solves the issue.

Did not investigate further and hope I did not pull in other issues!
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Database Versionany


has duplicate 0005349 resolvedvaidas.matulevicius last scale price is empty, when discount is available 



2013-07-26 14:07

reporter   ~0008937

Reminder sent to: VektorDesign

Hi, Thank you for reporting us this issue, but unfortunately its is not clear enough how to reproduce it. Could you please describe in more details this issue. Also would be good if you send some screen shoots.