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0004206OXID eShop (all versions)3.1. Design, GUI, UXpublic2012-11-12 08:36
Reporterleofonic Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.6.2 revision 46646 
Fixed in Version4.6.6 revision 54646 
Summary0004206: Sometimes it is possible to select unavailabe variant
DescriptionVariant selection in azure greys out unavilable values for current selection. This does not always work.
Steps To Reproduce1) In demoshop admin, go to "kuyichi jeans sugar"
2) activate the first variant W 31/L 32 | Dark Blue | Predded Green
3) in frontend, select W 31/L 34 | Dark Blue
4) "Predded Green" is not grey despite being not available, selection is possible
5) SELECTED COMBINATION: W 31/L 34, Dark Blue, Predded Green is displayed
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PHP Versionany
Database Versionany


has duplicate 0004494 closedjurate.baseviciene Possible to select multidimensional variants which are not configured 



2012-11-10 21:56

reporter   ~0007812

Fixed in Version Patch for 4.6, will there be a 4.6.6? And would this mean it is resolved in 4.7.1?


2012-11-12 08:35

reporter   ~0007814

Fixed in Version Patch for 4.6.6 and 4.7.1.