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0004017OXID eShop (all versions)2.3. Extensions (modules, themes)public2013-12-11 13:45
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
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Target Version4.7.10 / 5.0.10Fixed in Version 
Summary0004017: If is renamed module directory, in the shop is displayed cache
DescriptionIf is renamed module directory, in the shop is displayed cache, maybe is possible to do that cache would be delete automatically?

Go to admin:
1) Need to active modules for example "Test1",
5) Need to rename directory (from "info => oxid/test6/view/myinfo6" to new directory which is not exist in modules "Test1", "info => oxid/test6test/view/myinfo6");
6)Go to "Extensions->Modules click on modules "Test1" then to choose tab "Installed Shop Modules";
Is displayed buttons Yes and No,
7)click on the button Yes;
8)Go to eShop;
9)And is displayed cache (please to see to picture).
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duplicate of 0004942 acknowledged OXID eShop (all versions) Changing Module ID will move old module(id) to aDiabledModules and let them stay there until the module directory is deleted 
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2012-05-08 10:18


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