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0003964OXID eShop (all versions)1.03. Basket, checkout processpublic2022-02-02 16:20
Reporterb.hasis Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.5.9 revision 43186 
Summary0003964: not possible to set up that new customer has no preselected paymenttype
DescriptionIf you unckeck all "oxpayments__oxchecked" in admin/payments you got in checkout/payments anyway a selected paymenttype(the lastone).
So, it is not possible that new customer dont have any preselected payment methodes.
Additional Informationin my case to fix this, i have just deleted this code:
            // 0000646
            $oPaymentList = $this->getPaymentList();
            if ( isset( $oPaymentList ) && $oPaymentList && !isset( $oPaymentList[$sCheckedId] ) ) {
                $sCheckedId = key( $oPaymentList );
in oxview/payment.php fnc:getCheckedPaymentId()
ThemeNot defined
PHP VersionNot defined
Database VersionNot defined



2022-02-02 16:20

administrator   ~0013742

Also a valid usecase. Although I guess most customers would want one radio button to be selected. Since they can still do that, this behaviour change would be fine in the next major release.
Also you can't be sure that the browsers really don't preselect one option.