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0002023OXID eShop (all versions)4.06. Language and translationspublic2011-09-19 16:39
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.6.0_beta2 
Summary0002023: Article::unit (and quantity) should be i18n
Descriptionadmin->administer products->products
->select a product


Unit : should be i18n. (eg: german:pro Stück| english:per Item).

Quantity (part of unit): Its not so neccessary, but with i18n its possible calculate metric system values to other systems (eg: 1cm | 0.39 inch)
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2010-09-02 15:52

reporter   ~0003470

Hint: There is no translation possible for unit name into different languages


2011-09-16 00:16

reporter   ~0005229 (German forums)


2011-09-16 17:04

reporter   ~0005235

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Reminder sent to: marco_steinhaeuser

Adding additional fields means a waste of DB on most cases. So we came to a different solution than mentioned in forum.
The idea of multilanguage is to provide a pre-defined list of unit types (kg/m/item/m etc) and user in admin can select one from it (select box) or, optionally he still can enter unti type like it was before (but multilang. is not available). If standard unit list is not enough - user can add additional types to language file. In db will be written language constant, mapping translation with unit type. In front-end would be needed to call special getter oxArticle::getUnitName() in places like:

[{$_product->oxarticles__oxunitquantity->value}] [{$_product->oxarticles__oxunitname->value}] | [{$_product->getPricePerUnit()}] [{ $currency->sign}]/[{$_product->oxarticles__oxunitname->value}]

So we will not need to extend db.

Could someone collect list of possible unit types? Would be nice to add them to language files in advance.