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0001130OXID eShop (all versions)1.03. Basket, checkout processpublic2012-12-10 13:24
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.3 revision 19918 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.1.5 revision 21618 
Summary0001130: Single article in Basket, checked as free shipping, is not buyable (step 3 no payments found)
DescriptionThe bug is in oxDelivery::getDeliveryAmount( $oBasketItem ).

If one article is in the basket, wich has free shipping (checkmark in admin->article->extend), getDeliveryAmount() doesn´t count up $dAmount. So oxDelivery::_checkDeliveryAmount($iAmount) fails.
PHP Version5.2.6
Database Version5.0.33


related to 0001980 resolvedarvydas_vapsva Conditions for items marked "Free Shipping" shall not be included in shipping calculation 



2009-07-28 14:58

reporter   ~0001300

Reminder sent to: d3


Sorry, but cannot reproduce this case, or missunderstood the situation. I tried this case on:

Selected "Free Shipping" for article 2080, and added this to basket in frontend. Then in the order process it showed me the "Shipping 0 EUR" in all the steps, correctly selected the Shipping Sets, and displayed the Payment types in the 3rd step.
Maybe you have selected some other options, which may affect this? Or there is some module installed, which depends on calculation in basket?

Best regards,

2009-07-28 15:05


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shot[1].jpg (116,643 bytes)


2009-07-29 13:36

reporter   ~0001315

I see, there are additionally some delivery configurations to do i forgot to mention.

You need 1 active shipping method (set all others inactive).
Set following contition on one of the shipping cost rules, wich are assinged to your active shipping method.
Deactivate the other shipping cost rules.

Condition Price >= 0.01 and<= 999999999


2009-08-04 15:14

reporter   ~0001355

i can reproduce it with described shipping rules setup. strange, but product is allowed to buy, when price is set from 0 to 9999, but not when from 0.01 to 9999.