0006649: [module Visual CMS - sub] CMS type category: opened CMS site gets no highlight in menu (mantas.vaitkunas)
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0006665: [module Visual CMS - sub] the translation of the tab labels will not be displayed (vilma_liorensaityte)
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0006604: [module Visual CMS - sub] Unnecessary rendering of a p-Tag in core/shortcodes/hero.php:84 (benjamin.joerger)
0006764: [module Visual CMS - sub] Multiple usage of input fields of type image not possible within one widget-form (benjamin.joerger)
0006916: [module Visual CMS - sub] Cannot read property of undefined on Preload Content Picker (backend.js) (benjamin.joerger)
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0006746: [module Visual CMS - sub] Visual CMS: Problem with CAROUSEL and add more than one images (robert blank)
0006833: [module Visual CMS - sub] Unused function VisualCmsAdmin::deleteImage() exists in the code (robert blank)
0006815: [module Visual CMS - sub] not possible to use templates when a non default shop language is selected (robert blank)
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0006685: [module Visual CMS - sub] Text-Widget adds pictures with full path incl domain (mantas.vaitkunas)
0006514: [module Visual CMS - sub] VisualCMS breaks Smarty tags with parameters (mantas.vaitkunas)
0006742: [module Visual CMS - sub] Visual CMS: Dangerous button overwrites all content if switching language (mantas.vaitkunas)
0006861: [module Visual CMS - sub] CMS Content Dropdown Issue (QA)
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0006688: [module Visual CMS - sub] wrong Zoom-Picture in Widget "Gallerie" (benjamin.joerger)
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