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0007596module Unzer[All Projects] Generalpublic2024-02-08 11:09
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Summary0007596: Payment status is not updated in the main shop
DescriptionOne of our merchant sent me a log from their shopsystem. There's a exception with the database which tells a duplicate entry while payment processing is happening.
Our Support already share the the attached log file from the merchant to Oxid Support: Ticket #121490

The merchant who currently runs on OXID with one polish subshop.
Steps To ReproduceOxid system initiates a payment with specific substore keypair and redirects endcustomer to p24 (or other 3rd party providers)
Customer makes his payment thing
Customer gets redirected back to Oxid-System.
Oxid system tries to fetch payment data with "standard-shop-KeyPair" instead of "subshop-keypair" -> error while fetching
Oxid system does not create the order in admin -> Oxid replys to all webhooks with "invalid type id"
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2024-02-08 08:16

reporter   ~0016279

Hi, team,
any updates on this? This is for a prod merchant, and our Support team has also raised this with you.
Ticket #121490



2024-02-08 09:06

administrator   ~0016281

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