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0007575OXID eShop (all versions)Generalpublic2024-01-29 08:52
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Product Version7.0.0 
Summary0007575: Error handler doesn't write in oxideshop.log, when VAT-ID-check fails due to a request limit
DescriptionIf the SOAP-request for validating the VAT ID in the checkout fails with the error MS_MAX_CONCURRENT_REQ (the maximum number of concurrent requests for this Member State has been reached, which happens relatively often) , the user just gets an error message "VAT ID is invalid". There is no error in oxideshop.log. The shop administrator doesn't get feedback and the VAT ID isn't validated. The method just returns null.
Steps To Reproduce1. Go to admin menu
2. Master Settings -> Core-Settings -> Settings -> VAT
3. make sure "Disable online VAT ID check" is unchecked
4. go to frontend
5. put some items into the basket
6. go to checkout
7. log in
8. check the billing address
9. use a valid VAT ID e.g. OXIDs VAT ID: DE 231 450 866
10. click "Next"
11. error message "VAT ID is invalid" appears (only if the maximum number of concurrent requests have been reached)
12. no error in oxideshop.log
Additional Informationappears only if the maximum number of concurrent requests for the service have been reached (

MS_MAX_CONCURRENT_REQ: Your Request for VAT validation has not been processed; the maximum number of concurrent requests for this Member State has been reached. Please re-submit your request later or contact [email protected] for further information": Your request cannot be processed due to high traffic towards the Member State you are trying to reach. Please try again later.
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2024-01-29 08:52

administrator   ~0016212

At first it sets SERVICE_UNREACHABLE but this gets overwritten by ID_NOT_VALID although the ID is valid.
ID_NOT_VALID doesn't have to get logged, since the message is displayed directly at the frontend, but the message SERVICE_UNREACHABLE is useful for shop owners.