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0007535module PayPal Checkoutmodule PayPal checkout - subpublic2023-09-18 12:26
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.3.1 / 1.3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007535: PayPal Checkout - Display of PayPal credit/debit card
DescriptionThe display of PayPal credit/debit card cannot be turned off via configuration and the evaluation in ViewConfig.php is wrong in the frontend.
htdocs/vendor/oxid-solution-catalysts/paypal-module/src/Core/ViewConfig.php -> from line 184 onwards
If ACDC is allowed, it will be disabled and if it is not allowed, it will be enabled.

Generally a configuration in the admin to display the PayPal credit/debit card it would be nice too, as many customers don't want that.
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2023-09-18 11:11

reporter   ~0015636

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I meant the display next to/below the paypal express button. When Paypal says credit card is booked it is displayed, this cannot be controlled via the Paypal Cheout configuration or the payment method configuration.

In our case, the problem was also that no credit card was active in Paypal, but the button was displayed anyway, due to the incorrect evaluation in the Viewconfig.

In the ViewConfig from the line 185 is evaluated incorrectly. If ACDC is allowed, it is disabled and if it is not allowed, it is enabled.

if ($moduleSettings->isAcdcEligibility()) {
            $params['disable-funding'] .= ',card';
        } else {
            if (isset($params['enable-funding'])) {
                $params['enable-funding'] .= ',card';
            } else {
                $params['enable-funding'] = 'card';
        $params['locale'] = $localeCode;


2023-09-18 11:57

administrator   ~0015637

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As Daniel mentioned: This is not a bug, but a feature request.