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0007470module PayPal Checkoutmodule PayPal checkout - subpublic2023-05-16 15:56
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Fixed in Version2.3.0 / 1.3.0 
Summary0007470: PayPal Express buttons are missing in english language
Description(Tested in current RC v2.3.0-rc.2)

When selecting english language in shop, the PayPal Express buttons are not displayed at any location in the shop. This is very likely connected to the issue#7465 ( since the same error message is seen in the console. The locale en_EN does not exist while the german locale de_DE is correct and shows the buttons.

Locale list from PayPal docs:
Steps To Reproduce- Activate and configure PayPal Express buttons.
- Set the shop language in frontend to german.
- Go to any location where the buttons are included (e.g. product details page).
- You will see the buttons as expected.
- Now switch to english language.
- The buttons are not displayed anymore.
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