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0007408OXID eShop (all versions)5. ------ UpdateApp / Update ------public2023-01-26 17:10
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Product Version6.2.0 
Summary0007408: Updating Oxid from 6.1.6 to 6.2.0 with reinstall of Paypal Checkout module will create unwanted banner from old Paypal module
DescriptionIf you have used the old integrated Paypal module in Oxid 6.1.6 (Version 5.2.5) and switched over to Paypal Checkout
you have an isssue that a Paypal banner is show on the start page and in the cart when updating the shop to version 6.2.0
even if you have no banners set in the new Paypal checkout module.
Maybe a class or database setting of the old and new Paypal module collides when activating the new Paypal Checkout module.

Steps To ReproduceBase is an Oxid shop with version 6.1.6, old Paypal module version 5.2.5 and Paypal checkout 1.2.2
As the Paypal checkout module 1.2.2 is generating an error when activating the yaml configuration it is deinstalled before updating the shop to 6.2.0
After that i follow the standard procedure for updating the 6.1.X shop to 6.2.0.
I confirm to overwrite all from Oxid delivered modules / themes / core file with yes, all own module with no.
After updating the shop sucessfully to 6.2.0 the integrated old Paypal module has changed from 5.2.5 to 6.1.0 and has
a new settings tab "Bannereinstellungen" where the checkboxes for showing the banners are all checked as standard.
After clearing the tmp and reload the frontend no banners are visible in the shop.
Now you reinstall the Paypal Checkout 1.2.2 via composer and configure the YAML before activating the module.
The module works and now you can see a banner on the start page and in the cart, even if you deselected all banners in the new Paypal
checkout module the banners are still visible.
If you are configuring to show banners in the new Paypal Checkout, you can see two banners on the start page, if you deselect it
only one banner is shown.
Solution is to deselect all banners in the old Paypal Module, then all banners are gone
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PHP Version7.2
Database VersionMySQL 5.7



2023-01-26 17:09

administrator   ~0014996

Last edited: 2023-01-26 17:10

Steps to reproduce:
- update OXID eShop 6.1 > 6.2
- activate included Paypal
- no banner visible in frontend
- install & activate PayPal Checkout 1.2.2
- two banners in the frontend
- deactivate the banners in PayPal Checkout Settings
- one banner in the frontend

Since there were no banners in the included Paypal in OXID 6.1, it is not obvious that there are now new banner settings in the included Paypal. Especially since they are not visible after the first activation.

And even if you find the setting, it is also formulated in reverse to Paypal Checkout. In the Paypal Checkout you have to deactivate the option to hide the banners, in the shop integrated Paypal you have to activate it.

It is probably not a bug in Paypal Checkout, but in the old Paypal module. However, this is so old that no patch is to be expected here.

A solution would be to note the unexpected behavior in the documentation.