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0007403module UnzerGeneralpublic2023-02-14 10:13
ReporterAdrian.Kirchner Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.1 
Fixed in Version1.0.2 
Summary0007403: Unzer card payment fails to reuse "reserved" stock
DescriptionThe Unzer module seems to kind of reserve the basket content before finalizing the payment and fails to reuse that when the user is redirect back to the shop to finalize the order.
The user is then redirected to the start controller with the error message "Artikel ist nicht kaufbar".
Steps To Reproduce- install OXID CE 6.5.1 (the newest stable version atm) with PHP 8.0
- install Unzer module 1.0.1 (composer require oxid-esales/unzer ^1.0.0)
- configure Unzer sandbox mode
- configure a product to have oxstock = 1 and oxstockflag = 3 (Wenn ausverkauft nicht bestellbar)
- try to buy this product with a credit card
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2023-01-27 12:47

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