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0007385module PayPal Checkoutmodule PayPal checkout - subpublic2023-01-20 16:12
Status resolvedResolutionreopened 
Product Version2.2.0 / 1.2.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.2.3 / 1.2.3 
Summary0007385: trick OXID into complete looking order without actual payment via PayPal Checkout
DescriptionHello OXID,
we have encountered two related problems with the PayPal Checkout Module and need your help:

1. Create finished Order in OXID via PayPal Checkout without Payment
2. in this case, (see below) one can't switch payments until session end (cl=order&redirected=1).


Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce:

1. follow normal checkout and select "PayPal paylater"/"PayPal - sp├Ąter bezahlen" in cl=payment and click "next step".
2. you get redirected to cl=order
3. click "order now" (you get redirected to PayPal Website for Login)
4. use the Browser-back function (gets you back to cl=order)
5. click the "edit" link for Payment, or further use the Browser-back function to get to cl=payment
6. select other Payment (example: PayPal Checkout "credit card")
7. click "next step" (brings you to cl=order, but without credit card form)
8. click "order now" (you get to cl=thankyou and get an order confirmation mail from OXID)
9. in OXID-Admin order exists with stats "OK" and has a paymentdate, (!) so merchants would most likely ship them.
8. Only in the "Paypal Checkout" Tab on the order management you would get a hint because PayPal Checkout Module says that this order wasn't made via Paypal Checkout.

Additional InformationNote:

If you use the "cancel" link on Paypal side:
you can select another Payment, and if you do in this example, you also get the credit card form.
But this is not always the case.
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2022-12-06 14:31

administrator   ~0014931

- es -

The behaviour seems only possible with Pay Later
For PayPal Standard this seems to be caught already, as well as for the other payment methods.


2022-12-12 10:24

reporter   ~0014941

Is there an ETA for the release of a fix?

[email protected]

2022-12-13 18:24

developer   ~0014948

ready for review


2023-01-11 14:58


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