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0007341module PayPal Checkoutmainpublic2022-08-15 16:26
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.1.4 / 1.1.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.1.6 / 1.1.6 
Summary0007341: when entering the credit card data, the CVV (the check digit) is not verified
DescriptionPayPal passes the Kedit card data for ACDC orders without verifying the CVV (the check digit) when entering the credit card data.

The verification happens on the side of the processor according to PayPal.

So it would have to be implemented that the OXORDER__OXTRANSSTATUS is set to NOT_FINISHED in advance and then via the Webhook ID when the data is verified the status is set to OK or in case of error to ERROR.
Steps To Reproduce1. In order select PayPal Credit Card
2. Enter correct Credit Card information except CVV (the check digit)
    -> wrong CVV

Slould be NOT FINISHED until confirmation from PayPal
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2022-08-15 14:45

administrator   ~0014045

All orders - no matter which PayPal payment method - are kept on "NOT_FINISHED" during the order process.

PayPal now waits for the success message of the capture via webhook.
Only then the order is set to "OK" and the payment date is set.

This way the CVV credit card problem is solved.

Still open: 3DSecure
-> We will add 3DS support in the next release.