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0007332module PayPal Checkoutmainpublic2022-07-12 11:57
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.1.4 / 1.1.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.1.5 / 1.1.5 
Summary0007332: amount_mismatch - if netto mode is enebled
Description- Create article with 2 variants (so that the article can be put in the shopping cart in different variants, alternatively two different articles with the same price and the same discount probably also go)

Steps To Reproduce0. Set netto mode (see attachment)
1. Article price per variant 4.99 (enter article prices net is activated and show net prices in store is activated)
2. Discount 10% for both variants (this changes the displayed price of the variants to 4.49)
3. Variant 1 5x in the shopping cart
4. Variant 2 5x into the shopping cart
5. Payment method Paypal

-> after clicking on Buy Now there is no redirect to Paypal but a redirect to the payment page with error message
Additional Information(one variant 10x works, here the module seems to calculate the gross amount per item in the shopping cart, the store first calculates everything net and then the VAT for the total amount, this is probably also the problem, this causes the rounding error)


OXID_REFERENCE'\\/amount\\/value\",\"value\":\"61.23\",\"issue\":\"AMOUNT_MISMATCH\",\"description\":\"Should equal item_total + tax_total + shipping + handling + insurance - shipping_discount - discount.\"}]\.................


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2022-07-08 17:58


paypal_netto_1.jpg (76,207 bytes)
paypal_netto_1.jpg (76,207 bytes)


2022-07-12 11:57

developer   ~0013841

It is fixed in the next Minor-Version