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0007313module Visual CMSmodule Visual CMS - subpublic2022-03-21 14:48
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.5.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007313: Language changes sporadically
DescriptionAfter a page reload, the language changes sporadically (drop-down in the upper right corner). Also happens when you edit a snippet and click "Save". It can happen that the entered data is not saved and the snippet is empty when you switch back to the original language.
Steps To ReproduceCreate new snippet
Fill with widgets
Click Save


Modify existing snippet
Click Save


Search for new content
without making changes
Additional Informationcustomer video showing the problem:
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2022-03-16 11:48

administrator   ~0013800

We would like to ask you to publish bug reports in English only. Therefore, please translate your bug report completely into English. Otherwise the bug entry must be closed.

Thank you.



2022-03-21 13:47

reporter   ~0013802

Hi @QA,

I seem to miss the button to edit 0007313. It only shows "Beobachten" and "Klonen".

Am I missing something or should the report be entered again in English?



2022-03-21 14:48

administrator   ~0013803

I have followed the steps you mentioned. However, I could not reproduce the behavior you described.

In the video a blog function is used which is not included in a standard OXID eShop installation. Therefore, disable the responsible blog module and test if this is the cause of the behavior.

If the behavior still occurs, test again in an unmodified OXID eShop installation to ensure that other modules are not the cause.