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0007218module Visual CMSmodule Visual CMS - subpublic2022-10-27 13:43
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Summary0007218: VisualCMS: Suggestions for Grid-Layout
DescriptionThe basis for Visual CMS is the tablet device. The initial design is done by drawing the content in the tablet mode. Additionally, it is possible to specify that some elements should be wider on mobile devices by using the options.

It is also possible to make elements narrower on desktop, unfortunately, it isn't possible to arrange *more* elements on a row. The only way to achieve this is by using the "hide for device X" function and by drawing the layouts twice: once for mobile and tablets and once for desktop.a

This is a standard scenario, because desktops are much wider than tablets and leads to lot of element duplication and harms the maintainability of the CMS pages. It’s also bad for SEO.

My suggestion would be to use the device with the largest viewport for drawing the initial layout. By using the options, the elements can be made responsive and wider on smaller devices.
Because the layout can look quite different on desktop and mobile, it would be nice to have a preview function to show how the design would like on mobile/tablet/small-desktop/large-desktop.
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has duplicate 0007213 closedbenjamin.joerger VisualCMS: Verbesserungsvorschlag Grid-Layout 



2021-05-18 11:09

reporter   ~0013441

Why has this bug been closed?

It's a duplicate of 0007213, which was closed because it was written in german.


2021-05-18 11:44

administrator   ~0013442

The status was set to acknowledged. This means that it has been forwarded to development. They will determine the further procedure.