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0007203OXID eShop (all versions)6. ------ Setup -------public2020-12-22 08:49
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version6.2.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007203: Installation fails without shell access on the server
DescriptionDear Sir or Madams,

i try to install OXID on an Server just using FTP access. I dont have ssh access on that webspace.
The Setups first page showing the requirements ticks every requrement a green check. so everything should be on place.
Steps To ReproduceWhat i did:
1. create a new Database with user and password (MySQL version MySQL5.6.19 is used by my provider so i turned block_nested_loop=off).
2. download tarballs from downloadpage:
3. follow (special 2. -> without shell access)
4. upload the files to the FTP Server
5. Call setup -> setup starts -> All lights are green
6. follow step by step the setup (country=Germany, language=German, notification for updates = True, install demo shop = True)
7. klick finish -> i wait for several seconds

What happens:
1. a error appears on the screen (500 internal error)
2. the database structure was created
3. when i go to the shop, the maintenance page is shown
Additional InformationShop URL

i can reset when you want to try.
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PHP Version7.3
Database VersionMySQL 5.6



2020-12-21 12:16

administrator   ~0013371

Hello chrys87,

please make sure that your environment meets the system requirements for installing and using the OXID eShop. For further information and a list of the system requirements, please check our Online Documentation:

Kind regards,


2020-12-21 19:14

reporter   ~0013372

The System meets the requirements. Why this ticket is going to be closed? Its not fixed for me.
I checked the documentation, it meets all the requirements, this is confirmed by the first page of the installer. I checked all the needs manualy as well.


2020-12-22 08:49

administrator   ~0013373

Hello chrys87,

I followed the steps, by downloading the tar ball 6.2.3 and sticking to the documentation for the version 6.2. I run through the setup and was able to call the shop frontend and administration area without any errors. So I couldn't reproduce the issue.

You wrote <-- hints
1. a error appears on the screen (500 internal error) <-- Check your PHP error log. The error 500 is a general status which is thrown by the webserver. It means that somewhere in the stack an error happened and the webserver can't show a page because of that. From experience the PHP error log has the information.
3. when i go to the shop, the maintenance page is shown <-- check the source/log/oxideshop.log file for further information. When the shop shows the maintenance site, the framework often logged some more information in the mentioned log file.

To mark an reported issue as a bug, we need detailed information how to reproduce it on a default system.
In this case I recommend you to ask the support team if you have an maintenance contract or the community for support, as this case is likely a configuration issue on the system you try to install the shop. Please also note, that you linked the documentation for the version 6.1 which may be different to 6.2.