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0007195OXID eShop B2B EditionB2B edition - subpublic2020-12-02 13:20
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.0.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007195: From price vat will be calculated twice if user has discount
DescriptionIf we define a discount for a user at the backend the from price of the products will be calculated wrong, it seems that the vat is applied twice. The culprit is the function _getVarMinPrice at CustomPrices/Model/Article.php
Steps To Reproduce* Create discount for a user
* See from price a list page
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2020-11-30 14:00

administrator   ~0013352

Dear foun10_Schneider,

thank you for reporting this issue.

I tried to replicate it on an clean system ( OXID 6.2.3 EE + B2B 4.0).
I created a discount with 50% value and valid from 699 € to 999999 €.
I added the target article to the basket and checked the calculated values.
As i understand everything i don't see any miscalculation.

Could you please provide further informations and also did you tested it on an clean system?

Thank you!

Best Regards
QA - SG -

test-rabatt.PNG (22,950 bytes)
test-rabatt.PNG (22,950 bytes)
rabatt-basket.PNG (83,295 bytes)
rabatt-basket.PNG (83,295 bytes)


2020-12-01 12:55


discount.png (109,957 bytes)
discount.png (109,957 bytes)
with_discount.png (186,031 bytes)
with_discount.png (186,031 bytes)


2020-12-01 12:55

reporter   ~0013353


I tested it on a clean install. I also attached the config yaml and the composer.json file I used. Without the discount the price is 78,07€ (see screen), with the discount the price is 51,43€ (see screen) but the discount is only 10% (see screen).

without_discount.png (157,806 bytes)
without_discount.png (157,806 bytes)


2020-12-01 13:02

reporter   ~0013354

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I seems it didn't attached all files, so here they are.

Edit: Seems I'm not able to upload the composer.json and the yaml.


2020-12-01 14:55

administrator   ~0013355

Dear foun10_schneider,

thank you for giving us further feedback and clarity

my steps to reproduce the issue and further testing were:

1. install new OXID 6.2.3 EE with demodata
2. install b2b modules and activate
3. set in master settings > core settings > settings > vat Show net prices in frontend (B2B) on
4. add discount test for all articles and user with 10 %

Article 3571 has brutto 89.9, netto 75.55 ( = 89.90/1.19) with discount 10% it should be 68 (like in basket), not 51,43 ( 68*0.9/1.19 ?) like in article listing, search or article detail view (so long a specific variant seems not be selected)
Article 2102 has brutto 389, netto 326,89 ( = 389/1.19) with discount 10% it should be 294.20 and seems alsways to be right.

Therefore i can assign the issue now.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Best regards.

QA - SG -